"The poetics of space in pictures"


Graduated in architecture with a work on architectural photography, architect for 13 years, professional architectural photographer for more than 10 years, I combine my talents in these two fields to create documentary, synthetic, graphic and aesthetic photography and to offer you remarkable and noticed images.

My motivation: to show and feel a spatial reality through a personal point of view and thus reveal a new perspective on your architecture in order to enhance your achievements and your brand image.

Architectural photography is a very technical photography: it requires being present at the moment of the ideal lighting, working with wide-angle lenses and carrying out "straightforward" post-production work: controls of lights, colors, framing and composition as well as geometry - perspective shift, correction of lens distortions etc...

My photography is at the service of the enhancement of architecture: panoramic photos, images designed in HDR, night or blue light photos. A report is the portrait of a project completed or under construction because your architectural difference must be presented with original and modern images.

Being a great photographer is not just about showing architectural form graphically; it is above all knowing how to prioritize and order the images produced in terms of information, aesthetics, scales, emotions and meaning to constitute a constructed and harmonious report.

My job is to work for you, actors in the construction of cities: architects, town planners, landscape architects, designers, project owners, companies, promoters, manufacturers of materials... to communicate concretely on your skills and your know-how. All this through your websites, newsletters, reference files for competitions, sales brochures, product catalogs, communication brochures, press kits, manufacturer reviews, site references, publications in the press, book editions ...

To tell a good story about a building, in addition to technicality and optical and computer equipment, architectural photography requires a sharp and singular look built up over years of practice. Weather monitoring, availability, revelation of solids and voids, rigor of framing and composition of the image, shaping of lights, rendering of materials and atmospheres, research, creativity and selection 'in editing' are the skills and qualities that I put at your service.

My activity of photographic commission is enriched by a personal work of aesthetic and poetic author. Often uniform, photography of contemporary architecture must, in my opinion, be enhanced by strong, modern images rich in content.

For your reporting project, I suggest that you contact me by phone or email, indicating your telephone details: each service being specific and adapted to each partner, I would be happy to discuss it with you and provide you with several types of solutions.                                                                                                                     

See you soon !

Laurent KELLER,  Professional Architectural Photographer / Graduated in Architecture