"The poetics of space in pictures"

Exhibition " 20poetic stories on art papers " 2022

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of my first exhibition -1997-, I offer you this sixth solo exhibition "20 poetic stories on art paper" which includes 20 enigmatic artistic photographs from series or reports made over the past twenty years, among several thousand images produced.

The objectives of this author's work and this exhibition are to give the spectator to dream and imagine, to project himself into the images. The lack of a caption on the location or date of the shots is a bias; to give to feel, and not to limit the reading and the interpretation of the image by its reader.

Spectacular images have been discarded in favor of an assumed subjectivity and work on graphics, light and color.

These images are all from reality without any photomontage.

At the time of 'all digital', I wanted to present these photographs to you on 9 different papers (Canson, Mediajet, Hahnemühle...) which give more material and sensuality to the image and its spatial poetry.

Capture: medium format film and digital camera / compact film camera / digital mobile phone I Development and digital retouching I Paper prints by a professional photographic laboratory.

The photographs presented are in the format 40 x 50 cm. They are available on order in numbered and limited edition of 30 copies accompanied by a certificate of authenticity of art print.
I propose you this photographs in 40 x 50 cm format at 90 euros; in 30 x 40 cm at 75 euros and in 20 x 30 cm at 50 euros. Some photographs are available in larger formats: contact me.

© Graphics : Olivier Umecker